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Unix Training in Chennai

Dhaksha Technology providing real time UNIX training in Chennai with real time projects. This UNIX training provides the basic skills and knowledge for developers new to UNIX operating system through hands-on practical exercises. The best providers of UNIX and Shell scripting training in Chennai with excellent syllabus. Entire course is taken lab mode. We are providing placement focused and real-time training.

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      UNIX Commands training       UNIX Shell scripts  training

Eligibility for the Unix/Linux training – Fresher’s, 2013 – 2018(BE, BTech, ME, BCA,MCA) passed out and Corporate Employees was working in other technologies

Free Demo Session is available on Friday’s

Course Fees: 6,000

unix training in chennai

UNIX Course Content 

• Introduction of UNIX

• History of UNIX

• Features and Benefits on UNIX

• Different flavors of UNIX

• UNIX Architecture

• Different between UNIX  and LINUX

UNIX file system Architecture 

• UNIX File Systems

• Ordinary Files

• Directory Files

• Device Files

• Structure of UNIX File Systems

UNIX Basic Commands 

Working with directories 

• mkdir, cd, rmdir, pwd 

Listout Directories and Files

• ls , ls with options

Create and Editing a files

• touch, vi

Reading File Contents

• cat, more, less, head, tail

Copy, Rename and Removing a files

• cp, mv, rm

File Comparison

• diff, cmp

Disk Utilities

• df, du, mount, unmount

Find Files and Directories

• find, with options

Filter commands

• grep 23.egrep 24.fgrep

File Permissions

25.chmod 26.chown 27.chgrp

Zip Files

28.zip 29.unzip 30.gzip 31.gunzip 32.tar

Process Status
33.Ps 34.kill

Basic Commands
35.cal 36.date 37.who 38.whoami 39.logname 40.ac 41.top 42.banner 43.exit 44.Uniq 45.Pipe(|)

Advanced Commands
46.cut 47.sed 48.awk 49.Paste 50.Merage 51.Nohup


• Hard Link

• Soft link or Symbolic Link

• Unlink

Networking commands

53.ftp 54.sftp 55.scp 56.telnet

Communication Commands
57.mail, mail with options

Job control
58.fg-Foreground jobs
59.Bg-Background jobs

Job scheduling

Input and Output Redirection
Redirecting Output(>,>>)
Redirecting Input(<)
regular expression

UNIX Shell Scripting Training Course Content

About Shell script

Shell Variable

• Variable name

• Defining Variable

• Accessing Variable

• Read only Variable

• Unsetting Variable

• Variable Type

• Get variable value though command line arguments

• Special Variable

• Shell Array

Basic Operators

• Arithmetic operators

• Relational operators

• Logical operators

• String operators

• File testing operators

Shell Function


Reason to choose Dhaksha Technology

  1. Trained more than 7000 students with Real-time.

  2. We have placement tie-up with more than 560+ companies.

  3. We have small training batch(3-7 students)

  4. Flexible timing

  5. Real-time Guidance

  6. Resume Preparation

  7. Certification support

Project Class with real time

Resume Preparation

Interview Questions Discussion 

Mock Interview -1

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