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Teradata Training in Chennai

Best institute to provide Teradata Training in chennai. We are providing placement focused and real-time training in Business Intelligence and Datawarehousing training in Chennai. All our Teradata training are completely practical and interactive paired with Real-time Methodologies, Project Scenarios and Interview guidance.

Eligibility for the Teradata training – Freshers, 2013 – 2016(B.E., B. Tech, M.E., BCA, MCA) passed out and Corporate Employees was working in other technologies.

Free Demo Session is available on Wednesday’s

Course Fees : 10,000 (with easy installments)

teradata training in chennai

Teradata Course chennai


Teradata Course Contents:

Teradata Basics
Teradata Introduction
About Teradata
History of Teradata
Features of Teradata
Teradata Architecture
Components of Teradata
Storage Architecture
RetrievalA Architecture
Teradata -DDL
Teradata -DML
Teradata -DCL

Teradata -Relational Concept
Primary Key
Foreign Key
Teradata Datatypes
Teradata Logical & Condition Operators
Teradata Set operators
Teradata String Manipulation
Teradata Date/Time Functions
Teradata Built-in functions
Teradata Aggregate Functions
Teradata Subqueries
Teradata Index
Teradata Joins
Advanced Teradata
Teradata – Table
Types of tables
Set tables
Multi tables
Volatile tables
Global temporary tables
Derived tables
Teradata – Space concepts
Permanent space
Spool space
Temp space
Teradata – Statistics
Environment Information
Data Demographics
Collecting Statistics
Viewing Statistics
Teradata – Compression
Multi-value compression (MVC)
Teradata – Explain
Examples of EXPLAIN
Full table scan (FTS)
Unique Primary Index
Unique Secondary Index
Teradata – Hashing Algorithm
Teradata – Views
About view
Create a view
Using views
Modifying views
Drop view
Advantages of views
Teradata – Macros
Create Macros
Executing Macros
Parameterized Macros
Executing Parameterized Macros
Teradata – Stored Procedure
About Procedure
Creating Procedure
Executing Procedures
Teradata – JOIN strategies
Teradata – OLAP Functions
Teradata – User Management
Grant Privileges
Revoke Privileges
Teradata – Performance Tuning
Collect statistics
Data types
Spool space issue
Primary Index
SET Table
UPDATE on Large table
Dropping Temporary Tables
Teradata Utilities (Import & Export)
Teradata – Fastload
Types of phages & how to find it
Advantages & its process
Limitations of fast load
Real time scripts
Teradata – Multiload
Overview of Multiload
Multiload Modes
Limitations of Multiload
How Multiload works
Types of phages in Multiload
Steps involved in a Multiload Script
Multiload Advantages
Executing a Multiload Script
Teradata – Fast Export
How to export the data
Passing parameters
IN/OUT Modes
Work on Multi tables
Real time Scripts
Teradata – BTEQ
Overview of BTEQ
Looping Stages
Batches Scripts
Import & Export scripts with examples
Error handling
Real time scripts
Teradata Tpump
Overview of Tpump
Limitations of Tpump
Work on Multi tables
Real time scripts
Sample Scripts
Teradata Transaction Modes
Batch mode
BTET mode
ANSI mode