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Python Training in Chennai

Dhaksha technology is giving the best Python training in chennai, Medavakkam. We are providing placement focused and real-time training.

Eligibility for the Python training – Freshers, 2013 – 2018 passed out and Corporate Employees was working in other technologies

 Python Training

Python is open source, completely standardized across different platforms (Windows / MacOS / Linux), immensely flexible, and easy to use and learn. Python is an incredibly efficient language that the programs will do more in fewer lines of code than many other languages would require.  The code will be easy to read, easy to debug, and easy to extend and build upon compared to other languages. Moreover, Python comes pre-loaded with standard modules that provide a huge array of functions and algorithms, for tasks like parsing text data, manipulating and finding files on disk, reading/writing  files and downloading data from web servers.

Python is also capable of all of the complex techniques that advanced programmers expect, like object orientation. People are using Python for many purposes like, to make games, build web applications, solve business problems, and develop internal tools at all kinds of interesting companies. Python is also used heavily in scientific fields for academic research and applied work.

In Python, there is no compilation step. Instead, source code is interpreted on the fly in a line-by-line basis. That is, Python executes code as if it were a script. The main advantage  is that it is flexible; variables do not need to be declared ahead of time, and the program can adapt on-the-fly. With NumPy and SciPy, Python become comparable to, perhaps even more competitive than, expensive commercial packages like MatLab.

Today, two versions of Python are available: Python 2 and the newer Python 3. Every programming language evolves as new ideas and technologies emerge, and the developers of Python have continually made the language more versatile and powerful.

python training in chennai


The Python Package Index (PyPI) hosts thousands of third-party modules for Python. Both Python’s standard library and the community-contributed modules allow for endless possibilities.

Python Course Content

1 Introduction

1.1 History ,1.2 Features ,1.3 Setting up path ,1.4 Working with Python 
1.5 Basic Syntax ,1.6 Variable and Data Types ,1.7 Operator

2 Conditional Statements

2.1 If  statement ,2.2 If- else  statement  2.3 Nested if-else  statement

3 Looping

3.1 For  loop, 3.2 While loop, 3.3 Nested loop

4 Control Statements

4.1 Break, 4.2 Continue, 4.3 Pass

5 String Manipulation

5.1 Accessing Strings ,5.2 Basic Operations ,5.3 String slices ,5.4 Function and Methods

6 Lists

6.1 Introduction ,6.2 Accessing list ,6.3 Operations ,6.4 Working with lists ,6.6 Function and Methods

7 Tuple

71. Introduction ,7.2 Accessing tuples ,7.3 Operations ,7.4 Working ,7.5 Functions and Methods

8 Dictionaries

8.1 Introduction ,8.2 Accessing values in dictionaries ,8.3 Working with dictionaries ,8.4 Properties ,8.5 Functions

9 Functions9.1 Defining a function ,9.2 Calling a function ,9.3 Types of functions ,9.4 Function Arguments 
9.5 Anonymous functions ,9.6 Global and local variables

10 Modules

10.1 Importing module ,10.2 Math module ,10.3 Random module ,10.4 Packages ,10.5 Composition

11 Input-Output

11.1 Printing on screen ,11.2 Reading data from keyboard ,11.3 Opening and closing file 
11.4 Reading and writing files 11.5 Functions

12 Exception Handling

12.1 Exception ,12.2 Exception Handling ,12.3 Except clause ,12.4 Try ? finally clause ,12.5 User Defined Exceptions

Advance Python

13 OOPs concept

13.1 Class and object ,13.2 Attributes ,13.4 Inheritance ,13.5 Overloading 
13.6 Overriding ,13.7 Data hiding 

14 Regular expressions

14.1 Match function ,14.2 Search function ,14.3 Matching VS Searching ,14.5 Modifiers ,14.6 Patterns

15 CGI

15.1 Introduction ,15.2 Architecture ,15.3 CGI environment variable ,15.4 GET and POST methods 
15.5 Cookies 15.6 File upload

16 Database

16.1 Introduction ,16.2 Connections ,16.3 Executing queries ,16.4 Transactions ,16.5 Handling error

17 Networking

17.1 Socket ,17.2 Socket Module ,17.3 Methods ,17.4 Client and server ,17.5 Internet modules

18 Multithreading

18.1Thread ,18.2 Starting a thread ,18.3 Threading module ,18.4 Synchronizing threads 
18.5 Multi threaded Priority Queue

19 GUI Programming

19.1 Introduction 
19.2 Tkinter programming 
19.3 Tkinter widgets 


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