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Hadoop Training in Chennai

Dhaksha Technology Providing Best and Real time hadoop training in Chennai. We are giving training to clear the interview very easily. This training institute giving topic wise interview questions and real time project.

Hadoop Training 

 In Today’s world accessing huge volume of data like CC Comers, Hospitality Data, Airlines, Sensors, Social network, Face book, Online shopping . So large and huge volume of data that it becomes difficult to access or process suing in normal database management systems. It will take more time to process or very slow. Apache developed hadoop will process huge volume of data very quick manner.

Dhaksha  Technology Apache Hadoop training in Chennai is the talented origin for Hadoop training,placement and certifications. We offer Hadoop courses for developers, administrators, analyst with Real time IT professionals. Provide training  in Basic SQL,UNIX commands,Apache Hadoop projects using Hadoop, Pig, Hive, Sqoop, HBase, Mahout, HCatalog, Flume, Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, Solr, Lucene, Oozie, many other NoSQL Databases, and Open Source Projects.

Best Hadoop Training in Chennai  

Apache hadoop stores collection of data in HDFS and supports file compression/decompression by using  bzip2, gzip, LZO, zip etc. Different algorithms can be used in different scenarios based on their capabilities; for example compression/decompression speed or file split ability.

Dhaksha Technology is a leader in providing Hadoop training In Medavakkam driven by industrial experts with all Real times.

All topics are Completely Real time. Theory Books and interview questions provided at sample class!!

We Referring /Arranging Hadoop developer job assistance at top MNC’s in different location Chennai, Bangalore, pune, Hyderabad end more..

Big Data certification

  1. Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop (CCAH)
  2. Cloudera Certified Professional: Data Scientist (CCP: DS)
  3. Cloudera Certified Professional Data Engineer
  4. EMC Data Scientist Associate (EMCDSA)

Big Data Instructor

Our Hadoop trainer working in  MNC’s. Trainer offering industry needs and we are offering Hadoop training in Chennai. Our Hadoop trainers offers classroom training and Big data Online Training. We Have separate team to arrange the interview, resume preparation, interview questions discussion and mock interview. We framed our syllabus to match with the real time requirements for both beginner levels to advanced level.

hadoop training in chennai

Hadoop Course Content 

Hadoop – Big Data Overview 

Hadoop – HDFS

Hadoop – HIVE

  • Hive Introduction

  • Hive Data Types

  • Hive Create Database

  • Hive Drop Database

  • Hive Create Table

  • Hive Alter Table

  • Hive Drop Table

  • Hive Partitioning

  • Hive Built-in Operators

  • Hive Bulit-in Function

  • Hive View and Indexes


  • HiveQL Select Where

  • HiveQL Select Order By

  • HiveQL Select Group By

  • HiveQL Select joins

Hadoop – SQOOP   

  • SQOOP Overview

  • SQOOP Import Data

  • Full table

  • Only Subset

  • Target Directory

  • Protecting Password,

  • File format other than CSV

  • Compressing,Control Parallelism

  • All tables Import

SQOOP Incremental Import

  • Import only New data

  • Last Imported data

  • Sstoring Password in Metastore

  • Sharing Metastore between Sqoop Clients

  • SQOOP Free Form Query Import

  • SQOOP Export data to RDBMS,HIVE and HBASE

Hadoop – MapReduce 

Hadoop – PIG 

  • Pig Overview

  • Pig Architecture

  • Pig Execution Types

  • Pig Grunt Shell

  • Pig Installation

Load & Store Operators

  • Pig Reading Data

  • Pig Storing Data

Diagnostic Operators

  • Pig Diagnostic operator

  • Pig Describe Operator

  • Pig Explain Operator

  • Pig illustrate Operator

Grouping & Joining

  • Pig Group Operator

  • Pig Cogroup Operator

  • Pig Join Operator

  • Pig Cross Operator

Combining & Splitting

  • Pig Union Operator

  • Pig Split Operator


  • Pig filer Operator

  • Pig Distinct Operator

  • Pig Foreach Operator


  • Pig Oder By

  • Pig Limit Operator

Bulit -in Function

  • Pig Eval Function

  • Pig Load & Sotre Function

  • Pig Bag & Tuple Function

  • Pig String Function

  • Pig Date-Time Function

  • Pig Math Function

Other Modes Of Execution

  • Pig User Defined Function

  • Pig Running Scripts

Hadoop -HBase

  • HBase Overview

  • HBase Architecture

  • HBase Shell

  • HBase General Commands

  • HBase Admin API

  • HBase Create Table

  • HBase Listing Table

  • HBase Disabling a Table

  • HBase Enabling a Table

  • HBase Describe & Alter

  • HBase Exists

  • HBase Drop Table

  • HBase Shutting Down

  • HBase Client API

  • HBase Create Data

  • HBase Update Data

  • HBase Read Data

  • HBase Delete Data

  • HBase Scan

  • HBase Count & Truncate

  • HBase Security

Hadoop – YARN



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